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SATURDAY 18th MAY  2019

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Coxcombe Recreation Field, Chiddingfold

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The main purpose of this event is to celebrate our community and support the children and activities in the village through fundraising.


Thank you for all the support you gave to ensure the success of Chiddfest 2017, which raised a phenomenal £23,000!  We wouldn’t have been able to put on this event without your help.


As well as raising a fantastic amount of money, Chiddfest brought the whole community together in a truly enjoyable way, which we hope will now be a firm bi-annual event in the Chiddingfold community calendar.  We are working towards Saturday 18th May 2019 being an even bigger fundraiser for the community.


We cannot put the event on without the support of our local business community, we love that they are helping to improve the experiences available to the children and young people in our community. We know that they will go on to be lovers of music and more invested in their own local community being brought together at such a great inclusive event!


Please do let us if you would be happy to support Chiddfest in 2019!


Save the Date:  18th May 2019

Please see below for links to all our sponsors and supporters.


If you would like to become involved or support this fundraising event through sponsorship or donations please get in touch.



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